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Thursday, May 17

RIP and the Culture Warz

While I am ambivalent about Rev. Falwell's political tactics, a 'Rest in Peace' to our brother in Christ.

Falwell may not have always taken his stands in the way I would have, but he did take his stands.

The 'Culture War' that we find ourselves in--what are ways we can actively engage our world and keep our witness of God's mercy and Christ's love intact?

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  1. Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Love him or hate him, people should show some common decency and respect for the man and his mourning family.

    At least three times in three different news sources, I have seen Op-Ed cartoons of Falwell being greeted in heaven by a Tele-Tubby.

    It is incredibly telling about the opinions and attitudes of the secular intelligentsia.

    Can you wait ‘till he’s in the ground before you start bashing him again?


    4:20 AM, May 18, 2007  

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